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Canada Goose launches Humanature sustainable initiative

By Robyn Turk

20 Nov 2020


Canada Goose has created a new purpose platform to bring its sustainable and value-based initiatives to every aspect of the company's operations.

Called Humanature, the platform will be the driving force behind the brand's commitments. These commitments include the Sustainable Impact Strategy to keep the planet cold, and philanthropic endeavors designed to build culture and invigorate communities.

“The role of business has evolved – in today’s world, driving meaningful change is just as important as the bottom line,” Dani Reiss, Canada Goose president and chief executive officer, said in a statement. “We are steadfast in our commitment to strengthening our communities, protecting our planet and working towards a future for generations to come. Since 1957, we have been trusted to protect people from the elements and to keep them warm; now, through Humanature, we are taking warmth to an even deeper societal level.”

The Sustainable Impact Strategy is Canada Goose's commitment to reach net zero direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, eliminate single-use plastics in all owned or controlled facilities by the end of this year, as well as several additional targets.

The Humanature platform also includes the brand's initiatives such as its Standard Expedition Parka, made from recycled and undyed fabrics, lining and interlining, 100 percent responsibly sourced down and reclaimed fur.

Image: Canada Goose

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