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Champion drops new collection designed for gamers

By Andrea Byrne


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Athleticwear retailer, Champion, has launched a new collection in recognition of gaming as a sport.

The gamer collection includes a pullover and full zip hoodie, tracksuit bottoms in black and heather grey and the clothing line is made from a modern fleece fabric with odor control technology.

The design of Champion’s newest patent, reverse weave, is the first one in over 50 years for the gamer collection. The features include an oversized hood that can be worn over headsets of all sizes, the narrowed sleeves will stay up when pushed onto the forearm and the pockets are lined with ultra-warm microfleece to keep hands warm in between games.

The hoodie comes with zipped pockets to stow a console controller or phone, an internal zip for a credit card and there are interchangeable velcro patches for personal expression.

David Robertson, global brand marketing director of Champion, said in a statement: “As a brand that embraces all sports, we wanted to create an unofficial uniform for gamers that modernises the classic hoodie and recognises that they are athletes with distinctive needs for their sport.

“Our reverse weave patents came about as we were trying to solve the needs of athletes at the time, and we’ve taken the same approach to create a brand-new design for the gamer lifestyle. We are incredibly excited to unveil this new line of hoodies and pants for gamers and esports athletes.

Professional Fortnite player for FaZe Clan, Nate Hill, chimes in on the new collection: “I’ve always loved hoodies, but this is the first hoodie I’ve seen that was designed for gamers. It’s unique in a lot of ways from the oversized hood that you can wear with a headset to the oversized pockets, large enough to hold my controller.

“I’ve never had a customisable hoodie where you can take off and add different style patches for different looks. In addition to the unique features, this hoodie is super comfortable and stylish... I’m of the mind ‘look good play good,’ as a gamer this is a must have hoodie.”

Photo credit: courtesy of Champion