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Chanel produces face masks as contribution to virus relief

By Robyn Turk

30 Mar 2020


Chanel has announced that it will begin production protective face masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The French luxury house is currently making prototypes and will roll out production upon approval from the French government.

The company previously announced that it would halt production of its own merchandise for a short period of time as a result of the global pandemic. It has also canceled its upcoming cruise show, scheduled for spring.

Despite the virus' impact on Chanel's business, the company has been steadious in contributing to resolution. It has already pledged 1.2 million euros to the French public hospital system in France, and is continuing to pay its workers eight weeks worth of salaries despite closures of operations.

Fellow French luxury groups, including LVMH and Kering, have already begun lending their facilities to the production of medical equipment. According to the country's health minister, France goes through 40 million protective masks per week and is in need of more production.

Photo credit: Wikimedia commons