French fashion house Chanel has threatened to sue a British student designer for featuring the famous Chanel double-C logo.

Sophia Amanzi-George, a student designer at Central Saint Martins in London, had incorporated the logo in designs inspired by modern African and black culture. The Afro-German designer claims she never intended to copy anyone. "I bought the prints at Brixton Market, so I luckily can't get into trouble for actually creating it myself. I wanted to approach African culture in a different way - rather than the traditional leather fringe-and-tribal prints look, I wanted a more modern interpretation. The C logo was an attempt to be humorous about the use of fake labels in the 'bling' culture," she explained.

Chanel is, however, not amused and is demanding that Amanzi-George must hand in her design, her sketches and any rights to the image featuring it. Not that this will be detrimental to her career. After a succesful six-months work experience at Alexander McQueen, she is hopeful of finding a job with a major fashion house when she leaves Saint Martins later in the year.


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