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Chargeurs Fashion Technologies unveils Sustainable 50

By Robyn Turk


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Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies has announced a new product line designed to offer brands a new way to ensure interlinings are eco-conscious.

The company's new line, Sustainable 50, is its first complete collection of interlinings made with eco-responsible materials. Its materials include BCI cotton, hemp, recycled polyester textiles and recycled plastics. There are 50 products included in the Sustainable 50 collection.

Chargers is the world's largest manufacturer of interlinings manufacturer. Interlinings are the technical components that allow garments shape and structure. The company has been committed to reducing the fashion industry's carbon footprint in recent years. It teamed with the Kering Group in 2012 to begin working on the development of sustainable interlinings, as much motivated by its own sustainable values as it was motivated by growing demand from fashion partners.

"The Sustainable 50 is our highest priority this year, and we’re so excited to be leveraging our technology and innovations to provide global brands with a complete solution for sustainable fashion production," said Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies managing director and president Angela Chan. "This is just the beginning of a significant change in how we look at the apparel industry.”