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Cheap Monday relaunching with denim for the “next generation”

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Cheap Monday Credits: Cheap Monday

H&M Group’s denim brand Cheap Monday is relaunching at the end of summer with a curated assortment through Weekday's online shop and in select Weekday stores and retailers.

Originally launched in 2004, Cheap Monday said its comeback would maintain its “edge and punk spirit while making it relevant for the next generation,” with a denim line-up that “reflects the diverse traits and personalities of contemporary youth culture”.

The relaunch will showcase the “loud, hot-headed, and uncompromising,” aesthetic of Cheap Monday with a focus on distressed denim and “the revival of sleaze and skinny jeans” as it looks to ignite individuality and self-expression.

Kim Holm, managing director at Weekday, said in a statement: “Cheap Monday strikes a chord with today’s youth, empowering them to authentically express themselves through their clothing and freely experiment with their personal style.”

The curated collection will include a “diverse selection of antihero fits,” including super-stretch skinny jeans, low-waisted boot-cuts, hyper-flared, slouchy and loose exaggerated designs.

The first drop promises to feature a range of “expressive yet affordable denim” that embodies the Cheap Monday aesthetic.

“It’s all about reimagining history and creating your own, drawing inspiration from post-punk, pop, underground music, art, nepo babies, and true idols – all the weird allure that’s not for everyone, and that’s precisely the point,” added the brand.

Alice Shulman, design lead at Cheap Monday, added: “Cheap Monday is a rush of restlessness, speed, and compulsion. Our design is pretty much a blend of contradictions, a multitude of personalities. Don’t let any single aspect define you; create your own multi-core.”

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