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Cheshire Fashion Week to bring awareness to alopecia with diverse cast

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Cheshire Fashion Week, Jessica Newman

Located in Chester, UK, Cheshire Fashion Week will be putting an emphasis on inclusiveness and body positivity this year, featuring models with alopecia, diverse body types and a range of ages on the runway.

National fashion retailers, independent boutiques and designers will be making an appearance at the event, including a number of luxury names such as Osprey London. Other labels include Rose Riviera, Alexa Weatherby, Romantic Nostalgia and Twin by Tare. Retailers are also encouraged to promote hair and beauty products alongside the autumn/winter clothing lines.

“In order for the fashion industry to succeed in the future, we need to show real people, with real life circumstances, rather than the traditional Victoria’s Secret models,” said the event’s director, Claire Namukolo, in a statement.

“It has been the case that the fashion industry has the power to define beauty, but has not taken proactive measures to be consistently inclusive, so in my role as director of the North’s biggest fashion week, I am making the first steps to send a message that fashion week welcomes everybody, even those with alopecia.

“The campaign to be more inclusive is inspired by Alopecia is Fashion which promotes bringing alopecia models onto the catwalk so they can inspire others living with alopecia to consider careers in fashion and beauty.”

The event hopes to inspire other fashion weeks to look at a more inclusive approach to casting, as well as encouraging businesses to take the steps to boost customer engagement for their own brands and increase foot traffic.

Held from November 5 to 6, Cheshire Fashion Week will take place in Chester Cathedral and the Jaguar car showrooms, a sponsor of the event.

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