Christopher Raeburn designs aluminum water cans for London Zoo

London - The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) has teamed up with sustainable fashion designer Christopher Raeburn to crate a new aluminum water can. The new cans, launched as part of its #OneLess campaign, are part of ZSL's commitment to halt the use of single-use plastic drinking bottles.

Christopher Raeburn created a shark motif to decorate the cans from CanO Water, which are available for sale at ZSL's two zoo sites. CanO Water, a British start-up, developed a highly recyclable aluminum can which with a resealable lid, so they can also be carried around like a reusable water bottle.

“I was really impressed by the concept”, said Christopher Raeburn on the collaboration in a statement. “Because of my long association with animal welfare charities this partnership makes perfect sense.”

Christopher Raeburn designs aluminum water cans for London Zoo

The new campaign comes are more retailers, such as Selfridges and the John Lewis Partnership, make stronger commitments to using plastic alternatives, as more than 16 million plastic bottles end up in the ocean or landfills each year, according to CanO Water.

“This collaboration is a new and creative way to engage consumers and we are excited to be stocking these beautifully designed drinks across both our Zoos," added Kathryn England, ZSL’s Commercial Director. "We have already reduced our plastic waste footprint by over one million single-use plastic bottles just at ZSL London Zoo since 2016."

Images: ZSL en CanO


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