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Converse to launch first genderless apparel collection, Shapes

By Huw Hughes


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Converse is launching its first genderless apparel collection in the summer called Shapes.

The first of three collections by the American footwear and apparel brand to debut in 2020, Shapes has been designed “not for gender, but instead for body shape” and has been inspired by the belief that “size is a reference point, not an identity.”

The collection is made from 50 percent recycled cotton and 50 percent virgin cotton and comprises a set of five core pieces, offered in only four sizes globally. Traditionally, there are 14 common sizes across men and women’s lines.

“When starting design from a non-traditional place, there are endless opportunities to reimagine everything from construction to sizing to materials,” Jonathan Tappan, vice president of global apparel at Converse, said in a statement. “Shapes is the perfect example of how to meet the consumer in their element. By bringing functionality, inclusivity and comfort to everyday clothes, we believe we can really change the game.”

Shapes will launch in summer 2020, followed by Utility Fleece in autumn and Court Ready in early 2021, collections geared toward the Skate and Basketball communities, respectively.

Photo courtesy of Converse