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Copenhagen brands release t-shirt collaboration for charity

By Anna Zwettler


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As a response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, five Danish brands have collaborated to release a t-shirt for charity.

The ‘together’ graphic featured on the t-shirt was designed by Wood Wood’s Brian SS Jensen and is intended to spread a message of unity, with all proceeds being donated to Hus Forbi, an organization that supports the homeless in Denmark. The t-shirts are available in five colors, representing each of the five Copen-hagen based brands: Wood Wood, Mads Nørgaard, Norse Projects, Soulland and Le Fix.

“Although everybody is at home feeling isolated these days, I think there’s also a strong sense of connection to the rest of the world,” Jensen, co-founder of Wood Wood said in a statement. “I guess this t-shirt is an expression of that. Now feels like the perfect time to spread a message of unity, and I've thought about doing something together with these guys for some time. We all share a connection both as brands and humans, which I think is quite unique for Copenhagen. Friendly competition for sure."

Connected by their mutual interest in art, design and skateboarding, Wood Wood, Norse Projects, Soulland and Le Fix all met in the late-1990s, with Mads Nørgaard offering support and collaboration during the brands’ early years. All five aim to provide exposure for Copenhagen through fashion and culture.

The t-shirts retail for 300DKK (about 35 pounds) and can be purchased on the brands’ websites.

Denmark is taking slow steps towards normalcy by easing lockdown measures and partly reopening retail stores.

Photo credit: Wood Wood

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