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Coral Eyewear unveils glasses made from Econyl

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Sustainability focused start-up Coral Eyewear has become the first UK-based company to launch a collection of glasses and sunglasses made with Econyl regenerated nylon.

The Endangered collection features six unisex designs available in four colours that can be tailored with prescription lenses. Each frame comes accompanied with a recycled plastic case and the frames are shipped in recyclable tubes.

The frames are all made using Econyl regenerated nylon, which is produced by Italian manufacturer Aquafil, from fishing nets from the aquaculture sector and post-consumer waste material such as fabric scraps and carpets. Econyl regenerated nylon can reduce the global warming impact of nylon by up to 90 percent when compared with the same material derived from oil, added Coral Eyewear.

Coral Eyewear, co-founder George Bailey, said in a statement: “We’ve seen widespread adoption of Econyl and other recycled materials in fashion, swimwear and sportswear for a number of years. The eyewear industry needs to take inspiration from fashion brands such as Tala, Veja and Patagonia in implementing sustainable business models.

“We’ve focused on developing designs which challenge the multinational brands on aesthetic and performance, whilst simultaneously setting out a new path for circularity and sustainability in the eyewear industry.”

Coral Eyewear looking to tackle plastic waste with new sustainable glasses

As well as tackling the global plastic problem by using Econyl regenerated nylon, Coral Eyewear is also launching a frame recycling scheme which will become active next year in a bid to ‘close the loop’ on waste within the eyewear industry.

The frames in the Endangered collection come with a 2 year guarantee and after this period they can be returned to Coral Eyewear and Aquafil for recycling.

Giulio Bonazzi, chairman and chief executive of Aquafil, added: “Nylon waste for me is not something to be disposed of, but a fantastic resource. We have a responsibility to look beyond our manufacturing and we encourage our brands to consider what happens at the end of their products use in the way Coral Eyewear are doing.”

Coral Eyewear’s Endangered Collection is available for purchase online and in selected independent opticians.

Images: courtesy of Coral Eyewear

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