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CPHFW AW20: Blanche presents collaboration with Christian Lacroix

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

5 Feb 2020


Contemporary sustainably-minded womenswear brand Blanche presented its first design collaboration at Copenhagen Fashion Week with a capsule collection with renowned French fashion house Christian Lacroix.

For autumn/winter 2020, Blanche has merged the clean lines and functionality of Scandinavian minimalism with the grandeur and glamour of French maximalism, after taking inspiration from the vast print archive of Christian Lacroix.

Blanche used a selection of six colourful and luminous patterns, which they mixed and reinterpreted into a capsule collection that the brand states aims to translate the “sentiments of haute couture into a range of ready-to-wear styles”.

The 20-piece capsule collection features, denim jeans, dresses and jackets, staples of Blanche, which were seen in playful, laser-printed iterations alongside multi-printed floral dresses, jersey, knitwear, coats and suiting, which the brand explained was a homage to the heritage and print design tradition of Christian Lacroix, while also staying true to its ideals of feminine simplicity.

Blanche presents autumn/winter 2020 collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Mette Fredin, creative director of Blanche, said in the show notes: “Being a Scandinavian denim brand at heart, we’re incredibly excited to be able to work with an international Haute Couture fashion house as impactful and historic as Christian Lacroix.

“The result of our collaboration is a collection that joins together high fashion and casual womenswear, and mixes chic and urban in a shared expression that we’re immensely proud of.”

Nicolas Topiol, chief executive officer of Christian Lacroix, added: “We are very excited to partner with Blanche and bring to the fashion world a combination of both of our creative aspirations, which, albeit different in approach, are resulting in a fresh, dynamic and beautiful fashion-forward capsule collection.”

The collection was showcased alongside the mainline autumn/winter 2020 collection, filled with earthy tones, exotic prints and loose fits, which the brand describes as being “all about contrasts - between sophisticated and casual; masculine and feminine; raw power and soft sensuality”.

Overall, the autumn/winter 2020 collection was a celebration of feminine utility, juxtaposes iconic feminine silhouettes with masculine, workwear-inspired details, featuring cashmere, delicate silk and draped jersey combined with raw, overdyed denim and military-influenced accessories.

Images: courtesy of Blanche

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