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Crocs launch their first collection of heeled shoes

By Georgie Lillington

14 Aug 2017


Known for the comfortable, sometimes seen as ugly footwear, Crocs have made a step into a different area by offering heels to their female market, boasting the usual comfort of Crocs.

The new collection features two shapes including block heels and ‘subtle yet quirky’ wedges, available at all Crocs’ outlets for around 50 pounds. The new Isabella Block Heel and Leigh Graphic Wedges offer both a formal and more casual look whilst remaining comfortable.

Crocs has gained worldwide appeal since it’s inception in 2002, offering comfortable and unusual footwear to men, women and children. Collaborating with esteemed designer Christopher Kane on two collections including his SS17 collection has contributed to the continued elevation of the brand, perhaps changing the stereotypical ‘ugly’ view of Crocs.

Photos courtesy of Crocs

Christopher Kane