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Cult design Closed re-emerges

By FashionUnited


Known for its Pedal Pusher jeans, Closed launched a heritage collection featuring an iconic series of archive pieces that haven’t lost their innovative style though the years. In the late 70s, company Ball Spa was launched in Italy where after the brand Closed was introduced. Now thirty years later, Closed is re-discovering its inventive vision of a free and progressive fashion brand.

The Closed Heritage Collection has a capsule collection composed of modular pieces - 40 womens, 25 mens – selected from the inventory of the years between 1978 and 1985, and re-issued the original design with a twist. Everything from the rivets to the tag on the trousers’ fly, from the cut and the volumes to the choice of fabrics and the original military - derived colour - palette speaks of authenticity. Each piece has an internal explanatory label bearing the design date and the characteristics of the style, whereas the trousers are designated according to the year of origin.