Danh Tran, a former contestant on reality TV series "Shark Tank", has launched Icy Cotton fabric with his company Buttercloth. The fabric is made using a patented process of infusing cotton with the natural cooling power of Organic Mint Fibers. Icy Cotton is considered 20 times more breathable than polyester and features the cooling effect while providing a 6-way stretch for comfort and natural odor protection. It's wrinkle-free and does not have the skin irritation you would typically see with polyester.

In addition to the breathability and comfort of the fabric, the shirt is applauded for its eco-friendly qualities that make it good for the environment. After a 250,000 dollar investment deal with Robert Herjavec on ABC's Shark Tank, Buttercloth has marketed itself for its comfortable shirts known for breathability.

"When Danh gave me this shirt, I put it on, and instantly I felt the cooling effect. How does it work? Danh found a way to infuse cotton with natural mint fibers. It's a patented process that harnesses the natural cooling effect of mint, and I promise you it will change the way you think about comfort," said Buttercloth investor Robert Herjavec in a statement.

With the launch of the Icy Cotton shirt, Buttercloth continues on its path of reimagining men's fashion that provides men with environmentally friendly, breathable and cooling clothing options that don't sacrifice quality or style. While it might be challenging to grow a fashion company right now, customers say they are still willing to shop if a brand has a good message, and sustainability continues to be a buzzword in retail right now.


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