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Danish Fashion Institute launches new platform with ECAP

By Vivian Hendriksz


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The Danish Fashion Institutes and its partner ECAP, have launched a new platform aimed at helping designers, product developers and technologists design better, more sustainable products.

Named ‘Design for Longevity’, the DfL platform is a new online tool created to help designers make longer-lasting better products. It features best practice tips and expertise, videos, case studies as well as interactive to aid product developers. The DfL platform helps the sector make informed decisions which will influence the overall industry and consumer practices.

“Decisions made at the design phase can determine not only the style of a final product but the overall impact it will have on the environment,” said the Danish Fashion Institute in a statement. As designers are often required to work narrow briefs with little opportunity to expand their creativity, the new platform aims to expand the opportunities of design in easy to understand chunks of information, while highlighting the benefits of a circular approach to apparel design.

The specialist platform is free of charge and funded by the EU life funding, as part of ECAP.

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