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Dennis Basso's show says fur is about freedom of choice

By Kristopher Fraser

11 Feb 2020

The pro-fur versus anti-fur arguments continue to rage on. As cities attempt to ban the sales of fur (even New York City tried to pass a fur ban), and designers including Michael Kors, Prada, and Versace have stopped using fur in their collections, it is a wonder what the future of fur is. For right now, the material still has a home in the collection of New York-based designer Dennis Basso.

The collection included cocktail and evening wear in a rich color palette of India ink, ecru olive, pale aqua, green pastures, and very berry. Aside from furs, fabrics included jacquards, velvets, tweeds, silk, gaazar, crepes, and lace. However, it was through the use of fur, his signature material, that Basso made a statement about consumer choice.

Dennis Basso celebrates the international woman at New York Fashion Week

It is within the power of the consumer to decide whether or not they are going to decide to adorn themselves with fur, and not within the power of anyone else to legislate. The international woman that Dennis Basso dresses may either opt for a lynx hooded coat or a printed bustier gown sans fur. Let the people decide what they want, how they look, how they feel, and how they will dress.

In 2017, fur generated global retail sales of 30 billion dollars according to the International Fur Federation. Of that 30 billion dollars, 17 billion dollars comes from China, 7 billion dollars comes from Europe, 2.2 billion dollars comes from Russia, and 1.4 billion dollars comes from the U.S.

Although the market for fur products is smaller than it once was, it is still strong, and we should all have the freedom of choice to interpret fashion according to personal style. Leave it up to the consumer to decide if she wants that broadtail coat paired with her hand embellished gown or not. Basso is no one trick pony fur or not either, as he is gifted at designing evening wear with hand-embellished illusion belts and ribbons, beaded embroidery, quilting techniques, leathercrafts, and original print designs.

We begin the roaring 20s 2.0, this decade brings women to the forefront in fashion and in all that they choose to do. The collection reflects classic styles re-interpreted with the idea of breaking “old school” fashion rules. The true Dennis Basso girl is a woman of all sizes, styles, heritage and her fashion choices, and doesn't let anyone tell her what to do. Explore your freedom of choice.

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photo: courtesy of Dan Lecca