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Design Bundles names Gucci most influential luxury brand

By Kristopher Fraser

23 Feb 2022


Image: Gucci

Search Intelligence has reported Gucci is the most influential luxury fashion brand, according to new research. The brand has over 73 million total mentions from Instagram hashtags, search volume, and article mentions. Following behind Gucci, Chanel takes second place with 1400 article mentions and 70.9 million Instagram hashtags. The third is Louis Vuitton, with over 8 million searches a year and 41 million Instagram hashtags.

The study by creative resource Design Bundles analyzed 76 different luxury brands based on the number of times they have been hashtagged on Instagram, how many times they have been Googled in the UK, and the number of articles mentioning the brand in the media over the past year.

Dior takes fourth place. The designer brand shows a strong online presence, with the third-highest number of Instagram hashtags, at 55 million, which contributes to their online mention total of 58 million.
Balenciaga ranks fifth with almost 4.5 million searches, placing it third highest in Google searches on the list and 27 million hashtags on Instagram. Balenciaga has become popular among many due to the high-demand items and pieces being hard to get hold of.

Sixth place is Prada, with 45 million total mentions, from 1.3 million annual searches, 665 article mentions, and 44 million from Instagram hashtags. Burberry is seventh in the ranking from Google searches and Instagram hashtags which total more than 31.5 million, along with placing fifth highest in the ranking of article mentions.

Eighth place goes to Michael Kors, with Google searches of 2.9 million, and hashtags on Instagram of 24 million contributing to their count of 27 million online mentions. Valentino follows in ninth place, and the Italian fashion house Fendi, founded in 1925, is tenth in the list.

Commenting on the research, a spokesperson from Design Bundles said “It’s fascinating to see how luxury brands influence culture and their use as status symbols that people are often keen to flaunt on social media to showcase their wealth or signal their fashion credentials. Gucci tops the list as the most influential thanks to consistently high numbers across all three categories, demonstrating that despite extremely tough competition it is at the top of most people’s minds when it comes to luxury brands.”

Design Bundles