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Designer Kim Jones launches collection with Converse

By Tess Stenzel



Debuting his first collection for Converse, fashion designer Kim Jones explores the brand’s DNA through his nostalgic designs while delivering a contemporary spin on the American sneaker.

Jones stated he updated the Converse Chuck 70 sneaker with streetwear in mind by reinforcing foot stability and enhancing grip to increase traction on city streets.

The collection also features a nylon, velcro, and mesh Parka jacket that is water-resistant. Crewneck sweatshirts, cargo pants, and t-shirts round out the collection.

“I looked at the Japanese designers readapting American sportswear — recreating that fifties and sixties look. Obviously, Converse was the key shoe within all that stuff. Now, I’m just putting it all together in a different way,” stated Jones in a press release.

“The design approach for the shoe was very straightforward- taking a classic shoe and then almost encasing it in something to protect it.”

Image: Converse

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