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Diesel collaborates with Samsonite

By Kristopher Fraser

24 Oct 2019


Fashion brand Diesel has collaborated with travel brand Samsonite for a collection featuring original, semi-transparent, highly detailed luggage collection marketed toward modern travelers and business commuters. The special edition collection works on contrasting visuals, starting with a solid black base and gradually fading into transparency. Combined with a bright yellow mesh lining on the inside for a unique look, it allows for a graded level of clearness.

In addition to its design, the Samsonite x Diesel collection offers new technical features necessary for today's travelers. This includes an integrated drawstring backpack and external USB port for the cabin size pieces for owners to charge their devices while they are on the go.

“The idea behind this collaboration and its campaign is fueled by our current era: we live in a time where the balance of what we share vs. what we keep private is constantly in flux. Inevitably, all of us live part of our lives in public — be that through social media, our work, our social groups” said Andrea Rosso, creative director of Diesel Licenses, in a statement. “Yet with the rise of the digital age, awareness of privacy — cdata, photos, material possessions and so much more — has also increased. The design of these bags reflects the balance we all must calibrate; it allows for the world to see some of what we are, but not all of who we are.“

This play on literal transparency and duality is shown throughout a creative campaign shot on location in São Paulo. The campaign features individuals expressing the seemingly contrasting sides of their personalities such as a leather wearing motorcyclist by day, and a spin-class lover by night; a drag queen dressed perfectly for the stage and out-of-drag self in their socks at home. The point being that every different facet of somebody makes a whole person.

In a statement, Sofie Deboes, product marketing director at Samsonite Travel Europe said, “From the very first meeting, one could almost feel the dynamics and eagerness from both parties to reset the bar on luggage for the Samsonite x Diesel project. From a Samsonite point of view, it was truly exciting to get challenged on what we consider our everyday business.”

This exclusive collection reinterprets three iconic Samsonite collections with a good dose of Diesel attitude and DNA, for a complete assortment which includes both luggage items and business backpacks. The price point for the collection ranges from 179 dollars to 349 dollars. It is currently available at Samsonite and Diesel stores, as well as in select department stores.

photo: courtesy of PR Consulting