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Digital Fashion Week NY to explore future of fashion and metaverse

By Huw Hughes


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Image: DFWNY

Digital Fashion Week New York (DFWNY) kicks off next week with a virtual event looking to explore the future of fashion and the potential of the metaverse.

Taking place from Thursday February 11 to Sunday February 13, DFWNY will feature a mixture of virtual and physical runway shows, exhibitions, digital screenings, panel discussions and workshops.

Organisers of the event described it as an “immersive fashion show in the decentralized metaverse that celebrates the creativity, sustainability, and innovation of digital fashion and the skilled designers that create them”.

Independent designers attending include Adam Reid, Ilona Song, Majestic Apparel, Tokyo White, Edvard Nielsen, Shiu Studio, Yulya Boriskina, Calvin Padilla, Yemi (Quirky Couture), Metaneon (Miki Flores), Lorena Bello, Aisha, Yulya Belyakovich Mozart, An Nguyen, Erin McGarry, Tatiana Rozmoritsa, Yekaterina Burmatnova, Maya Es, and Zino Haro.

“These past two years have taught us that we need to pivot, rethink our processes and intentions,” said Clare Tattersall, the founder of DFWNY. “Innovation in fashion is creating new looks, challenging convention and questioning what our clothes mean to us.”

Topics tackled during the week include the future of fashion in the gaming industry; an exploration of where we are now and what the future might hold for digital fashion; and a look into the growing presence of NFTs in the industry.

Visitors will be able to attend virtual catwalk shows, meet top digital fashion designers and shop in their boutiques.

There will also be the opportunity to take a ride in a virtual hot air balloon and watch a fashion show with music from DJ Cherish the Luv.

DFWNY will be hosted in partnership with decentralized metaverse platform Queendom.io.

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