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Dr. Martens launches reclaimed leather collection

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Dr. Martens Genix Nappa collection Credits: Dr. Martens

British heritage footwear brand Dr. Martens is continuing to push its sustainability initiatives with its first collection made from reclaimed leather.

The Genix Nappa collection has been fully made from reclaimed leather using leather offcuts from tanneries that would have otherwise been destined for landfill. The offcuts are put through a process to separate the leather fibres before re-entangling them to produce a roll of re-engineered, reclaimed leather that can be used to manufacture the footwear.

Dr. Martens Genix Nappa collection Credits: Dr. Martens

In a statement, Dr. Martens said the new Genix Nappa reclaimed leather material gives wearers a “more sustainable alternative to traditional leather,” as it has a lower carbon impact than traditional leather and is specially engineered to make sure it’s as durable, comfortable and long-lasting as its original brand icons.

Tuze Mekik Arguedas Schwank, global head of sustainability at Dr. Martens, said: “The sustainability challenges of today are complex, and circular business models are one of them. At DM’s, we have been taking steps forward in our journey towards circularity, and Genix Nappa is a great example of one of them.

“It demonstrates that waste is a valuable resource and shows how we can think differently about our products into the future. We can’t wait to hear what our wearers think.”

Dr. Martens Genix Nappa collection Credits: Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens pushes forward with sustainable initiatives with Genix Nappa collection

The move is part of Dr. Martens' ambitions to create durable, lower-impact footwear that will help support a more sustainable future for the brand, while also tackling leather waste and its target of being net zero by 2040.

Adam Meek, chief product officer at Dr Martens, added: “It’s been a fantastic experience to create and now launch this collection. Our teams have learnt an incredible amount during this process as we move towards creating a more sustainable future for our brand.

“The innovation around this new material is pretty special, and we’ve challenged ourselves at every step of the process to ensure the durability Dr. Martens are so famous for isn’t compromised.”

Dr. Martens Genix Nappa collection Credits: Dr. Martens

The Genix Nappa collection features three of Dr. Martens’ best-selling original footwear, the 1460 Lace-Up Boot, the 1461 3-Eye Shoe, and the 2976 Chelsea Boot. Retail prices start at 140 pounds.

This is the latest sustainability initiative from Dr. Martens, earlier this month, it teamed up with footwear restorers The Boot Repair Co. to launch a new repair service in the UK to prolong the life of its boots, shoes, sandals, and accessories.

Dr. Martens Genix Nappa collection Credits: Dr. Martens
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