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Drest adds Supermodel line-up to fashion styling game

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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The world’s first interactive luxury styling game, Drest has announced that it will feature five supermodels Natalia Vodianova, Precious Lee, Irina Shayk, Imaan Hammam and Candice Huffine as hyper-realistic avatars from December 1.

Drest, founded by Lucy Yeomans, the former editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar UK, is a luxury real-virtual-real platform that features gamification, shopping and entertainment. It allows players to adopt the role of a fashion stylist, responding to daily styling challenges inspired by real-time fashion news using the latest products from leading luxury brands.

The Supermodels will become part of the game and users will be able to cast them into dedicated Photoshoot Challenges for free for a nine-day introductory period from December 1 to 9. With players being able to style them in fashion products from over 200 leading luxury fashion brands including Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Prada, Off-White, Loewe, Chloé, Thom Browne, Burberry, Stella McCartney and Fenty.

Each Supermodel avatar will also have nine virtual hairstyles unique to them, exclusively designed by hairdresser Sam McKnight, while their virtual makeup has been designed by Drest’s consultant makeup artist, Mary Greenwell.

Another key component of the partnership is to highlight each of the model’s individual philanthropic causes in the platform’s editorial narrative. Following the introductory period, when players book the Supermodels, 5 percent of the purchase will be donated to their chosen charities, which include The Naked Heart Foundation, BayGanda, Pomogi, She’s the First and Movemeant Foundation.

Drest platform partners with Supermodels including Natalia Vodianova and Irina Shayk

Lucy Yeomans, creator, founder and co-chief executive officer of Drest, said in a statement: “We are absolutely thrilled to welcome this very modern line-up to Drest. We wanted to cast some of the most exciting women working in fashion who reflect this innovative era - Natalia, Precious, Irina, Imaan and Candice truly represent what it means to be a Supermodel in today’s world.

“Not only are they admired for their beauty and style, but they are also revered for their advocacy and philanthropic efforts. These women emulate Drest’s values and are key figureheads for causes that focus on diversity and inclusion, female empowerment, education and the welfare of children.

“As a fundamental purpose of Drest is to be a force for good, we have made a pledge to match 50 percent of revenue earned by the Supermodels in-game and donate this to their respective causes.”

The charity element forms part of Drest’s social enterprise initiative, which it states includes future plans to donating five percent of every in-game micro-transaction to causes that support diversity and inclusion, digital responsibility, mental health and female empowerment to ensure that the platform is a positive, empowering and inspiring environment.

In addition, an end-to-end unique fashion experience will also be possible through a long-term strategic partnership with luxury fashion platform, Farfetch. Users can style, share and shop the fashion items they have competed with - reinforcing the continuous juxtaposition between the classic and unconventional, the real and the virtual.

To mark the launch, Drest has commissioned the self-labelled ‘digital obsessive’ creative, Hey Reilly, known for his work with Nike, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, and Moncler, to produce a pop-graphic video that fuses gameplay, fashion and fine art to reveal the Supermodel line-up. The high-energy, surreal visuals illustrate the blurring lines of reality and digital to original music created for Drest by James Lavelle.

Drest is available for download on the App Store. Images: courtesy of Drest