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EasyJet to trial wearable tech uniforms

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

30 Nov 2015


Budget airline EasyJet, known for its garish orange colour scheme, is set to trial wearable tech uniform created by London fashion tech label CuteCircuit in 2016 as part of the airline’s 20th birthday celebrations.

The new wearable tech design for cabin crew will feature LEDs embedded through the outfit, on the shoulders, lapels and hems, displaying information like flight numbers and destinations and adding extra lighting in emergency situations. In addition, the uniforms have microphones built in, enable them to communicate with passengers, pilots and other crew members.

EasyJet’s head of cabin crew Tina Milton, said: “Our crew’s primary concern is for the safety of all passengers so it is really exciting to be working on this pioneering new technology which could transform the capability of our uniforms, helping crew to be more easily identified in an emergency as well as helping them to provide great service to passengers.”

CuteCircuit, known for designing a dress that receives and displays tweets worn by Nicole Scherzinger, has also designed a uniform for the ground crew and engineers also adorned with LEDs, allowing them to work hands-free on inspection and maintenance. Their uniforms will also feature cameras to enable remote diagnostics and air quality sensors, and the wearable tech uniform has also been specially designed to improve visibility to help in situations.

EasyJet’s engineering director Ian Davies added: “With features like the LED hood and video streaming and communications capability these amazing designs offer very practical solutions for engineers working on the ramp whilst enhancing safety at the same time.”

CuteCircuit teams up with EasyJet on wearable tech uniforms

Francesca Rosella, chief creative director and co-founder of CuteCircuit, said: “We are excited to be working with easyJet in creating the future of aviation. The cabin crew uniforms and engineers’ uniforms represent cutting edge developments in wearable technology and are a first in the aviation industry.

“The uniforms unite fashionable style with novel functionalities, increasing safety and communication with passengers to create a truly unique inflight experience. We designed with the crew needs in mind and are looking forward to starting trials in 2016.”

Of course in addition to all the wearable tech, the uniforms also sport the company’s usual orange and black colour scheme. Trials of the easyJet uniforms are set to begin in 2016.

CuteCircuit has been pushing the boundaries of wearable technology since its launch in 2004 and has introduced many ground-breaking ideas to the fashion world by integrating beauty and functionality through the use of smart textiles and micro-electronics. The fashion house has also done collaborations with U2 and Katy Perry, but this marks the first airline partnership.

Images: EasyJet