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Eco label Thoreau launches debut eco collection

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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London-based womenswear label Thoreau has launched its debut autumn/winter 2016 collection, with a range of wardrobe staples manufactured in the UK using only sustainable and reclaimed fabric.

The brainchild of Hannah Little, who has spent more than a decade in the fashion industry and her partner Owen, aims to provide the modern women with “thoughtfully designed, versatile pieces that don’t comprise on quality and have as minimal impact on the planet as possible”.

The premise of the eco-label comes from the fact that the fashion industry is responsible for contributing around 10 percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions, Thoreau is striving to be 100 percent carbon neutral by using both sustainable and recycled fabric and tracking, eliminating and/or offsetting all emissions throughout production, manufacturing and shipping.

Hannah Little explains: “We believe that personal style does not have to come at the expense of the conscience and that there is a general shift underway in the way people are shopping. We believe that this shift towards a new kind of consumerism means that people are demanding a more authentic, transparent experience from their purchases.

“We like to think of ourselves as the opposite of disposable, fast fashion. We are thinking about every stage of the process and seeking out solutions that minimise our impact on the world - we’re striving to strike a balance between the styling choices of the individual woman and our collective responsibility.”

Thoreau aims to put eco-fashion on the map with debut collection

Throughout the design and production of its collections minimal water is used and minimal waste is created by cutting its fabric “strategically” the label explains. The fabric is cut with the aim of using as much of the material as possible, with any scraps remaining donated to charity for future use. In addition, all fabrics are reclaimed or produced using water recycling systems and natural dyes to avoid pollution.

Thoreau is also 100 percent cruelty-free, meaning that when animal fibres such as wool or silk are used in the label’s designs, and that all materials are ethically sourced.

The aim of Thoreau is to cater for women who don’t subscribe to a ‘buy it, wear it, bin it’ mentality with her clothes, and with that in mind the debut collection features a “carefully curated, edited wardrobe for seasons, and years, to come”. The pieces have been designed and finished to offer longevity and wearability to minimise waste across the life of each piece.

The debut range includes floaty blouses in floral and leopard prints, as well as classic white and black shirts, along with the Javan dress, the signature piece featuring a deep V-neck line, high collar, front split and kimono sleeves, complete with choker neckline that is made from a medium weight Reclaimed Acetate/Viscose Crepe. Completing the debut collection is a black ‘bed jacket’.

The label is currently available only online via its website, thoreauthelabel.com, with prices ranging from 125 pounds for the Finn top, a black three-quarter length sleeve shirt, up to 219 pounds for the black Javan dress.

Images: courtesy of Thoreau