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Ecommerce Foundation releases US B2C e-commerce country report 2016

By FashionUnited

29 Apr 2016

The Ecommerce Foundation released a new B2C E-commerce Country Report on the state of e-commerce in the United States. The report covers the latest figures, trends and developments for the US online retail market, and powered by Ingenico, ADAM Software, Asendia and Webhelp.

In 2015, 230 million Americans (88% of the population aged 15 and over) used the Internet, while over 173 million US citizen (54%) shopped online. On average, US consumers spent an amount of $3,428 per e-shopper last year resulting in a total B2C e-commerce revenue of $595.1bn. Compared to the preceding year, this represents a growth of 9.0%, meaning that for the first time in years, this growth rate dropped to single digits. In 2013 the online revenue increased by 17.5%, so it is clear that the US B2C e-commerce market is becoming more and more mature.

Get your (free) report

These and other facts and figures can be found in the United States B2C E-commerce Report 2016. The free light version of the report includes facts and figures of interesting topics, such as B2C e-commerce turnover, the number of online shoppers and cross-border and mobile e-commerce. In addition, this version contains expert interviews and tips and tricks for online merchants. As a result, the reports forms a very useful tool for companies that want to expand their online business to the USA as well as for people who want to set up an online shop there. The light version can be downloaded through:


The full version, which can be ordered through this page for EUR 95, also contains a clear overview of the most popular product and service groups in terms of online sales.

Ecommerce Foundation

In recent years the Ecommerce Foundation successfully published national and regional reports. The e-commerce market of a specific country or a whole region is covered in a detailed report. This report on the online market of the US is the fourth in a series of countries that will be highlighted in 2016.

The Ecommerce Foundation releases its next report on May 12, 2016, which will cover the B2C e-commerce figures of Germany.

The Ecommerce Foundation's mission is to help people improve their e-commerce skills through research, benchmarking and sharing knowledge.