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Edited study warns against discounting trendy fashion items for Black Friday

By Robyn Turk

27 Nov 2019


It's the week of Thanksgiving in the U.S., but for retailers this week is all about what comes after the American holiday. Black Friday has evolved from a day of markdowns to kick off the start of the holiday shopping season into an international tradition of major sales that continue for the whole weekend, or even an entire week for some retailers.

Ahead of the day of frenzied sales, retail data company Edited has compiled research based on last year's Black Friday shopping trends to determine an expected outcome of this year's event.

Considering a retail market that is still recovering "from a discount-laden Q3 driven by mid-season sales and Amazon Prime offers," Edited warns retailers against offering high discounts on best-selling or trendy items. Read ahead for more specific dos and don'ts, according to Edited's research.

Worst womenswear items to discount

Edited warns against discounting items that have continued to sell well in recent months as retailers should utilize Black Friday is a way to clear older pieces ahead of the peak Christmas shopping peak and make room for a new assortment in the new year. The items in this category, which include animal print, midi and modest dresses, oversized tees and hoodies, puff sleeve shirts and puffer jackets, can be trusted to sell even without discounts.

Worst menswear items to discount

Menswear is expected to perform similarly, so retailers should be sure to sell hot-ticket items like mustard yellow, hoodies, corduroy, checked trousers, celvet blazers and textured knitwear at full price.

Best womenswear items to discount

When it comes to determining which items should be marked down in price for Black Friday, Edited suggests retailers further discounting items that have already been in sales since September as well as items that have not been performing well recently. For example, styles like pencil skirts and one-shoulder dresses have been phasing out of style has consumers tend more towards newer trends like puff sleeves in tops and pleats in bottoms. A Black Friday sale could be used as an opportunity to move inventory of these items to make room for newer trends.

Best menswear items to discount

In menswear, the best items to discount include chinos and loafers as consumers opt for more relaxed workwear looks. Chinos have actually made up for 40 percent of discounted trousers for menswear in the U.S. market, according to Edited. Anoraks and neon-colored clothing are also prime for reduction in menswear.

Image: Pexels