With more and more consumers being driven by personalized content, how can fashion brands use story-telling in marketing to innovate and win consumers, are just one of the few questions asked by TrueStart.

"It's really important for fashion retailers to tell authentic stories about what they are doing," explains Rob Mosley, the founder and creative director at creative agency Nonsense. During the R:evolution 2.0 conference, Mosley took to the stage to tackled some of the questions surrounding content marketing and innovation. "People are way more interested than just how the final garments looks for example. It's so important to illicit an emotional reaction."

TrueStart, in partnership with Land Securities, helps support innovation in the retail and consumer sectors, with the aim of taking the most cutting-edge technology into the retail sector. Housing up to 20 new businesses a year in Victoria, London, the innovation hub brings together entrepreneurs, retailers and creatives to develop and test the latest retail ideas.

Stay tuned for the next episode in the series "The Production Lab: How is the consumer changing the production process" appearing June 4.


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