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Ever Dye wins ANDAM Innovation Award

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Ever Dye

Ever Dye, which is developing a new dyeing process combined with a new bio-based pigment to depollute the textile industry, has been named the winner of the 2022 ANDAM Innovation Award.

The prize was launched to support and encourage the technological innovations that contribute to transforming and reinventing today’s fashion industry. Ever Dye will receive a grant of 70,000 euros to continue developing its innovative technology that allows the dying process to be quicker, while also using less energy and no petrochemicals.

Nathalie Dufour, founder and general manager of ANDAM, said in a statement: “I founded the ANDAM Innovation Prize in 2017 with the ambition to highlight and support the game-changing innovation which will contribute to the necessary ecological transition of our fashion industry.

“Thanks to the commitment of our sponsors, the 2022 endowment reached 70.000 euros; my priority within the next editions is to strengthen this Prize, which has a key role for the future of the fashion industry. I would like to congratulate Ever Dye; thanks to their green chemical solutions, they will contribute to reduce the energetic impact of the traditional dyeing process without using any petrochemical.”

Image: Ever Dye

Commenting on winning the innovation award, Ilan Palacci, co-founder and chief executive of Ever Dye, added: “The textile industry is facing a major shift in its production process: from fabrics to manufacturing and dyeing, all steps must be reinvented. I am proud that the Expert Committee saw in our dyeing process a serious response to the current environmental challenges and decided to grant it. ANDAM’s recognition and it’s mentorship will help us think bigger and go further in our business developments.”

The other finalists for the innovation award were: Eva Engines, a digital platform that simplifies the fashion design process; Fairbrics, which is looking to fight climate change by developing circular manufacturing processes that use renewable resources instead of petro-sourced products; and Fairly Made, which empowers fashion brands to integrate French and European regulations to improve their social and environmental impact.

Ever Dye