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Everlane launches Re:Down line of sustainably-produced filling

By Robyn Turk


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Everlane is bringing sustainability to the inside of its clothing. The brand has launched its new Re:Down line of outerwear made with cruelty-free recycled fill.

Typically, down filling in jackets is made using cruel living-plucking practices, as Everlane explained on its website. Its Re:Down fill is made from 100 percent recycled down comforters and pillows.

Similarly, all of the jackets in the Re:Down line features 100 percent recycled shell fabric, using post-consumer recycled plastic as with its ReNew line.

A spokesperson from Everlane told Sourcing Journal that the brand is working towards minimizing its use of virgin materials anywhere it can. Everlane also explained that it sources its recycled down from a Hungarian facility that reclaims feathers from used comforters and pillows, then washes, dries and sterilizes the materials to ensure they are suitable for reuse.

Everlane's Re:Down line features the short-length Puffy Puff jacket, which retails for 168 dollars and the 198-dollar full-length Sleeping Bag jacket.

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