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Expert insights: 9 tips for emerging designers

By Joanna Mania


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Emerging designers are faced with countless hurdles as they climb to the top: connecting with clients, gaining publicity, and of course, increased pressure for sustainable practices. FashionUnited asked several experts to provide their tips on these three challenges for designers during a fashion event, M-ODE, in Amsterdam. While nothing can replace good old fashioned trial and error when starting out, a little extra advice never hurts.

Strengthen visibility

For a brand to be successful, it first of all needs to be visible and noticeable; but this can present a challenge if starting out with a small budget. What is the key to a great publicity for a brand? In this 2-minute video Peter Leferink, Managing director M-ODE Foundation, Marian Spier, Social Entrepreneur and TEDxAMSWomen founder and Dan Lopez Cardozo, Premium Fashion Strategist share their thoughts.

Connecting to customers

It takes more than a good product and solid customer base to make a customer a loyal one. What does it take? What are the essential ingredients to establish deep and meaningful relationships with consumers to keep them coming back? In this short video Marian Spier, Esmerij van Loon, Editor in Chief at FashionUnited, and also Dan Lopez Cardozo share insights.

Foster sustainability

Currently the hot-topic in the fashion industry: sustainability. But how can a new designer maintain sustainable practices while being true to the brand's identity? Gwen Cunningham, lead of the Circle Textiles Program at Circle Economy and sustainability coordinator at AMFI, and Peter Leferink explain what it means to be sustainable these days.

Video: FashionUnited, Image: Pexels

Gwen Cunningham
Marian Spier
Peter Leferink