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F&F joins CoppaFeel! #BraHijack Campaign

By Vivian Hendriksz


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UK Supermarket giant Tesco has joined the CoppaFeel!'s #brahijack campaign with its F&F lingerie range to encourage women across the country to check themselves for signs of breast cancer.

“We are really excited to be supporting the CoppaFeel! #brahijack campaign – it’s incredibly important women check themselves regularly for breast cancer because it really does save lives,” commented F&F’s Head of Buying for Essentials, Rosie Robbins. “These little reminders have huge potential to make a real difference in the fight against breast cancer.”

The bra labels, which remind women to check themselves for signs of breast cancer on a daily basis, are potentially life saving and have been introduced to the backs of F&F’s co-ordinate lingerie sets as well as the everyday collections. The lingerie collections featuring the labels are currently both available online for sale as well as in over 600 Tesco stores across the country.

Breast cancer currently affects 1 in every 8 women in the UK, with over 5 percent of breast cancers being detected too late. CoppaFeel!’s #Brahijack campaigns aims to encourage women to check their breasts every day so they know what signs to look out for. “We’re super excited that F&F have committed to #BraHijack,” said CoppaFeel’s CEO Kris Hallenga. “Their nationwide reach to women is amazing and we can’t wait for the lingerie to drop into stores and help spread our boob checking message."

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