Fanny packs and dad sneakers: who buys them and where?

It’s safe to say that we all love a good fashion trend, and it seems like their popularity varies widely in different countries and regions. Now, with the help of Google, we can map out exactly which trends are popular, and where.

FashionUnited has picked two of the hottest trending item of 2018 - the fanny pack and ‘dad sneakers’ - to take a look at their brief but rich history on the internet, and the geographical distribution of their fans.

Comfy sneakers with a thick bottom, while once reserved for dads who valued comfort over style, have recently skyrocketed in popularity. Clunky sneakers have been given a stylish twist, showcased with the launch of Balenciaga’s wildly popular Triple S series back in September 2017. This clunkiness is now considered a fashion statement, and interest for the style has been surging - as can be seen in the graph below which represents their search interests on Google in the last few years.

Live updated graph for search interest of “dad sneakers”

It’s a similar story for fanny packs. Once a practical item worn mostly for sports, the bags are no longer restricted to sports fields and trekking routes. Streetwear brand Supreme and luxury brand Gucci have both launched versions of the trending item in 2018 - one in polyester, the other in luxe leather - both amassing a lot of attention on the internet.

Live updated graph for search interest of “fanny packs”

Despite their similar timeframes in rising to fame, the two items have a very different geographical set of supporters across the United States. Click on the interactive image below to discover more about their fan bases, and the most popular brands associated with the items.

Photo Credit: Gucci Facebook, Balenciaga Facebook

Sources: Google Trends


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