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Farfetch launches first advertising campaign

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

10 Feb 2015


Farfetch, the online marketplace for independent fashion boutiques, has announced that it is to launch its first print, digital and outdoor advertising campaign in March, as the portal continues to focus on its international expansion.

Developed by Droga5 and shot in Capetown by photographer Charlie Engman, the ‘Unfollow’ campaign celebrates what the online retailer calls the “singular style” of its fashion-loving customers through images of models seen from the back, a deliberate move to depict a point of view of showcasing the clothing without labels or famous faces. The aim of the advert, Droga5 claims is to challenge consumers to “seek out the unexpected, to unfollow the crowds”.

Nik Studzinski, executive creative director at Droga5, explained: "With ‘Unfollow’ we're aiming to highlight that Farfetch is a company that stands for people who really love fashion and don't just mindlessly follow it.

“A brand that doesn't adhere to the established conventions of the fashion category. No predictability or famous faces. Just unique clothes and a rallying cry to encourage people to unfollow."

Farfetch to launch ad campaign to support international growth

Farfetch CMO Stephanie Horton, added: "While the dominant fashion retailers dictate trends to the crowd, and while most consumers of fashion approach it as a race to conform, Farfetch offers access to fashion on one's own terms, emboldening our customers to express their individuality.

“This campaign captures the spirit of those who shop beyond the obvious and actively think for themselves."

The launch of the ad campaign follows the recent expansion of Farfetch, as well as to boost the e-tail portals continued international growth plans, which has already seen its customer base increase from 270,000 customers to 450,000. Farfetch claims that it will continue this growth both with new boutique signings and fully localised content and translations of the site. Last year the online retailer successfully launched sites in Japanese, Russian, and Mandarin, and this year it will launch new Korean, Spanish and German language sites.

Images: Farfetch