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Fashion for Good announces 8 innovators for 2022 Global Innovation Programme

By Huw Hughes



Image: Fashion for Good

Amsterdam-based sustainable fashion initiative Fashion for Good has announced the eight innovators to join its 2022 Global Innovation Programme.

The international companies were selected after pitching their raw materials, processing and end-of-use innovative solutions to Fashion for Good partners.

They are now enrolled in a nine-month programme where they will receive bespoke support and guidance from industry partners to aid them with piloting, implementation, and investing activities.

The eight innovators are:

DyeRecycle, a UK company combining the need to recycle both dye and fabrics by developing innovative circular solutions for dyeing using textile waste.

Ever Dye, a French company that has developed two chemical solutions that boost dye house production capacities and allow them to dye faster with less energy and without using any petrochemicals.

IDELAM, a Franco-Swiss company developing processes using supercritical CO2 for complex, multi-material products and waste, such as jackets and footwear, to enable recycling or reuse of these materials.

Kintra Fibers, a US company developing a new, plant-based polyester replacement that reduces manufacturing emissions, eliminates microfibre pollution, and enables textile circularity through chemical recycling and industrial compost.

Modern Synthesis, a British biotech company whose proprietary microbial textile platform employs microbes to grow a completely new form of textile made of nanocellulose, a very strong and fine form of cellulose, which is the natural building block of materials like cotton, linen and wood.

Premirr Plastics, a US company that has created a continuous flow-through (CFT) system that provides a simple, circular and eco-friendly method to chemically recycle PET, providing PET products containing recycled content that possess the same physical and chemical properties as virgin PET.

Refiberd, a US company that is developing a novel textile recycling system that uses AI and a patent-pending chemical recycling process to convert used, discarded textiles into new, reusable thread.

Rubi, a US company that makes textiles entirely from carbon emissions, bypassing current agriculture and manufacturing to create a product that is carbon-negative, water- and land- neutral, and naturally biodegradable.

“We are excited to welcome these eight new innovators to the 2022 Fashion for Good Innovation Programme,” said Fashion for Good managing director Katrin Ley.

She continued: “We are inspired by the significant impact and carbon reduction opportunities their technologies enable. With an emphasis on driving impact and implementation, we strive to provide them with the best support to expedite their exposure and growth into the market.”

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