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Fashion jobs - industry looking for professionals

By FashionUnited


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Many jobs in fashion. The fashion and retail industries have seen enormous growth this past decade, continuing to expand and explore new territories with each evolving season.

The clothing, shoe and textile industry is one of the largest in the world employing over 1 billion people. In fashion translation, that means 1 in 6 persons in the world works in the retail industry. Choosing a career in the fashion industry is therefore as much of an opportunity as it is of global reverberation.

Thanks to the information age and possibilities of the Internet, fashion-minded people have a transparent overview of job opportunities on a plethora of websites that cater to the industry. Companies ranging from exclusive designers to large corporate retail organisations and luxury brands, are using this communal platform to fill their vacancies efficiently. As of this month UK's FashionUnited platform will be centrally updated on an international level with international operating organisations.

Thousands of professional candidates use the resources of the FashionUnited online database in search of opportunities. Over the years the Career Centres have proven to be an essential medium that brings supply and demand of job opportunities in the fashion industry together.

The international character of fashion enables the sector to be transparent and more fun. It attracts new potential employers and employees continuously. Besides in the UK, the Career Centres in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Italy also contain hundreds up-to-date vacancies. The Career Center in Fashion provides information and it gives a boost to take a new step in a working career.

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About FashionUnited:
FashionUnited is the world’s leading business to business cross media fashion platform enabling fashion professionals and companies to make their activities more fun and efficient.
FashionUnited is the only independent trade organization operating world wide, crossing borders and cultures, optimizing the industry’s way of working. Activities are based on and driven by cross media services using opportunities this fast dynamic world offers. The main target is to make the fashion industry more fun and efficient by using the one-stop-shop services, including trade news, job databases, executive recruitment, directories, network tools, narrowcasting, e-business, e-markets and events.



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