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Fashion’s Beloved: Top 10 Most Popular Brands in H1 2016

By Vivian Hendriksz



Nowadays, in order for a brand to be popular, they have to have their social media game on point. Brands need to conquer Instagram, share stories on Snapchat, be huge on Facebook and ensure their Tweets on Twitter get retweeted to expand their reach. Several global fashion brands are winning the social media arena at the moment - but millennials can be a tricky audience to win over - brands can easily lose their sway through one wrong photo or hashtag and fall from their grace.

FashionUnited previously calculated each major, global fashion brand’s reach and ranking their popularity at the end of 2015. In this updated H1 2016 list, FashionUnited’s analysts have calculated each fashion brand’s reach by taking into account their social media followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as well as Instagram mentions, using hashtags, each brand received over the last 6 months to rank the top 10 most popular brands now.

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FashionUnited’s Top 10 Most Popular Brands in H1 2016

In order to calculate the new brand popularity ranking for H1 2016, FashionUnited changed its formula to correctly reflect the power certain social media channels hold regarding customer reach. Instagram surpassed Facebook as the most important social media channel for fashion brands since December 2015, signifying a change in the list. In addition, as of June 2016, Twitter mentions and Google search traffic was excluded from the calculations due to loss of data availability and inaccuracy in data respectively, which is why the scores for H1 2016 are lower than those of December 2015.

Nevertheless, in spite of changes in calculations there was one brand which retain its incredible hold over consumers: Nike. The US sportswear brand has remained the Most Popular Brand on social media, worming its way into the hearts of fashionistas and sports enthusiasts alike. Not only did Nike see its followers and influencers increase during the first half of 2016 - Nike also managed to double its Instagram followers from 30 million to 79 million.

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The rise of athleisure has certainly helped brands boost their popularity, as German sportswear brand Adidas also saw its Instagram following increase significantly from December 2015, up from 24.7 million followers to 35.2 million followers in June, 2016. In addition, the hype surrounding Adidas Yeezy shoes and Stan Smiths also aided in the rise of Adidas popularity, which is why the brand is now ranked in 2nd place. Another brand which rose in the list because of a boost in its Instagram following was Victoria’s Secret, which saw its Instagram following gain 14.4 million followers over the last 6 months.

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Luxury brands have also become more popular among consumers over the past 6 months as the top 10 now consists of 6 luxury brands, compared 2 last December. Italian fashion house Prada rose the most in popularity during the first half of 2016 as it made it way from outside of the top 10 in 13th place in December, 2015, to 9th place, gaining 2.5 million Instagram followers in 6 months. Other luxury brands to make it to the list include Chanel in 4th place, followed by Dior in 5th, Gucci in 6th, Louis Vuitton in 7th (up from 10th) and Burberry in 8th place.

5 Most Popular Brands on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter

Spanish fast-fashion chain Zara was one of the brands to fall from favour over the last 6 months, together with Converse. Zara slipped from 2nd place in December, 2015 to 10th place in June, 2016, while Converse, which previously held 6th place, dropped out of the top 10 all together due to the rise of other brands popularity.

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Photo 1: Nike, website Photo 2: Adidas, website

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