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FashionUnited's need-to-know topics today: Fashion in the Metaverse

By FashionUnited



Image: The Empress of the Metaverse by The Fabricant

In recent months FashionUnited has followed and shared with it's readers in-depth tips, updates, interviews and information on how brands can not only enter the metaverse, but master it. Scroll further to find FashionUnited's metaverse coverage.

What is the fashion designer's place in the metaverse?

Are you familiar with the term “metaverse”? It was first coined by the author Neal Stephenson in his 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash, but according to Google Trends it reached its peak among internet searches in April 2021 and seems to be keeping a high score since then. But why is everyone in the fashion industry suddenly interested in the Metaverse?


Gaming x Fashion: what are the opportunities for designers in this merger?

When we are talking about fashion and gaming interacting, we are also talking about two different cultures sharing one space in the market. So is there a collision about to happen? What is this new culture? Which aspects from each of the original cultures, fashion and gaming, will continue?


Shayli Harrison, founder of Mutani: "The metaverse offers designers creative freedom and a revenue model"

For experimental fashion designers, the contemporary fashion industry is not an easy place. Over the years, however, a new space has opened up where everything seems possible: cyberspace. Here, the same social rules or practical considerations do not apply as in real life. This makes the virtual world the place for experimental design, according to designer Shayli Harrison.


The aestheticisation of online consumer identity

“Digital dimensions ask us to continuously deconstruct and reinterpret our digital environment,” said Chinouk Filique de Miranda, in a presentation at the Responsible Fashion Series conference, attended by FashionUnited.


The future of fashion: How digital fashion has become a key trend

The online metaverse is coming and if we're going to be spending more time in virtual worlds, there's one crucial question: What are you going to wear? "When I first started talking about this, my friends were like, 'What are you talking about?'" said 27-year-old Daniella Loftus. "But my 14-year-old cousins understood it immediately."


When virtual fashion stands up to the physical world

In the press and across social networks, the subject of virtual fashion is becoming increasingly more popular. But are these non-physical clothes the future of fashion? And where exactly can you find them? To find answers, FashionUnited took a look at the latest collection of Amsterdam-based digital fashion house The Fabricant.


Virtual sneakers for 10,000 dollars? An exhibition gathers digital fashion pioneers

Those who visited the Metaverse exhibition by digital fashion startup Dematerialised headed to Cryptovoxels - a virtual world on the Ethereum blockchain. Using the arrow keys on their keyboards, visitors could navigate through streets filled with digital art, an experience somewhat reminiscent of the pixelated worlds of Minecraft or Secondlife.


Facebook changes name to Meta as part of metaverse focus shift

During the annual Connect 2021 conference, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the organisation Facebook will be changing its name to Meta, as part of the company’s shift to “bring the metaverse to life”.


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