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Filippa K focussing on “fewer but better” for AW21

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Swedish fashion brand Filippa K is introducing what it calls a “simple yet meaningful wardrobe” for autumn/winter 2021 with a focus on “fewer but better pieces” developed from archive materials.

The autumn/winter 2021 collection was designed during the pandemic in 2020, which the brand explains allowed them to reflect on “what truly matters” and this led to a desire for simplicity and the importance of a wardrobe that supports its wearer.

“Effortless pieces help to reduce the wearer’s need to focus on their wardrobe so that they can concentrate on life, while comfortable garments echo the satisfaction found in owning fewer, but better, pieces,” explains the brand in a statement.

The collection also returns to the brand’s roots, repurposing what they already had, to craft something meaningful from the old, as part of its mission towards what it calls “mindful consumption” and the desire to design garments that truly last, as it looks to shift the fashion industry from fast to slow.

This led to the design team actively choosing to create a smaller collection with a “make less, make well” approach, with 22 styles created from leftover materials, such as wool outerwear, organic cotton knits, denim trousers, and triacetate dresses, explains Filippa K, while others have been up-cycled from previous collections.

The move it adds is part of its focus on resource efficiency by taking responsibility for their materials and using fabrics from previous collections.

Filippa K looks to leftover materials for autumn/winter 2021 collection

In addition, Filippa K is continuing its work towards increasing the number of sustainable, natural and responsible materials in their collections, such as cashmere, wool, and flannels which have been used throughout. For autumn/winter 2021, 79 percent of the men and women collections use sustainable fibres based on their internal measurement process.

The brand is also debuting its certification with the responsible wool, mohair, and down standards as part of its continued efforts to showcase product integrity and traceability in every step of its supply chain.

Emil Wiman, Filippa K head of design, added: “This collection is about simplicity. By focusing on fewer but better pieces we can put more love and attention into every design, creating an emotional connection with the wearer that really lasts.”

The collection itself continues to showcase Filippa K’s natural materials and relaxed silhouettes with a “fresh perspective,” added the brand, with looser profiles, sharper edges and deep earth tones such as dark oak, moss green and taupe chosen for layering.

Woven wool with brushed finishes, cashmere blends, and flannels carry through the comfort of the collection, while chunky knitted garments and frayed edges add a tactile, personal touch.

The autumn/winter 2021 collection launches in August and will be available online filippa-k.com and in all Filippa K brand stores.

Images: courtesy of Filippa K

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