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Forever 21 partners with Roblox

By Rosalie Wessel


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Image: Virtual Brand Group

Forever 21 has partnered with Roblox on a digital experience.

Called the Forever 21 Shop City, users will be able to build, own and manage their own personal store within the game.

Forever 21 items will be available for purchase, including clothing and accessories. Non-player characters can be hired as employees, as users aim to become the top shop in the experience.

The experience is a community-first game, with a variety of collaborations launching alongside it. Roblox players @Builder_Boy, @Beeism, @OceanOrbsRBX and @JazzyX3 have joined together to create an exclusive fashion line for the Forever 21 Shop City.

The shop will also feature exclusively designed stores by influencers such as KrystinPlays, Shaylo and the Sopo Squad.

Features of the store include the ability for builders to choose and swap their locations anywhere in the game, tasks such as stocking inventory and assisting customers, interior customisation, obtaining merchandise that Forever 21 has released in its physical stores, and using architectural themes for their stores such as cottage core and cyber punk.

“The metaverse is the most transformative innovation since the creation of the internet. Roblox is one of the platforms creating the biggest business opportunities for brands,” said Justin Hochberg, VBG’s CEO. “Our collaboration with Forever 21 marks not just one of the biggest metaverse launches this year, but also one that uniquely combines the physical and virtual worlds by delivering IRL content from Forever 21 in-game, and finding ways for Roblox UGC creations to exist IRL.”

Forever 21 Shop City will also feature four themed districts that include obstacle courses, entertainment, a food court and yellow carpet.

“With Forever 21 Shop City, our goal is to expand how we engage with customers, extending our presence and product in new ways. We’re excited to provide a new space on Roblox where our fans can connect with their community and bring their own vision of Forever 21 to life,” said chief merchandising officer at Forever 21, Katrina Glusac.

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