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From New York to Paris Fashion Week: Denim trends for Fall/Winter 2023

By Ole Spötter


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FW23 Collections(from left to right): Doublet, Luis De Javier und Balenciaga. Credits: Launchmetrics Spotlight

Despite its feel, denim is one of the few materials that fluidly moves between genders. Therefore every fashion week - whether it's menswear or womenswear - provides plenty of style inspiration. FashionUnited has rounded up the most popular denim styles for the FW23 season.

Ripped Jeans

No sooner have the last jeans with rips and holes disappeared from the streets than the fashion merry-go-round is spinning again and the style is back on the catwalks.

Ripped jeans were the most prominent variation of the denim trend in FW23. Ranging from the quintessential ripped knees seen at Coperni, to trousers where the majority of the fabric in the front had been manipulated, to a ripped dress, the trend dominated the runways.

FW23 Collections(from left to right): Dion Lee, Coperni and Coach. Credits: Launchmetrics Spotlight

Diesel got in on this trend too and showcased a variety of different takes on it. Besides frayed jackets and coats made of denim, Glenn Martens played with transparent materials and used transparency to fill large gaps in dresses, trousers and jackets.

FW23 Collections (from left to right): Diesel, Asai and Rick Owens. Credits: Launchmetrics Spotlight


FW23 Collections(from left to right): Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Marine Serre. Credits: Launchmetrics Spotlight

Although logomania has somewhat waned in recent seasons, it remains an important factor, especially in menswear. And the emblems and logos don't stop short of denim. Several jackets and trousers were emblazoned with logos, mostly as all-over prints, at Gucci and Louis Vuitton, among others. Marine Serre, however, played with her signature crescent moon logo.

Heron Preston, meanwhile, was content to place his initials - sans multiplication - in large pink letters on a pair of jeans. Likewise, Diesel opted for a large logo lettering that spanned both trouser legs.

FW23 Collections(from left to right): Heron Preston and Diesel. Credits: Launchmetrics Spotlight

Customisable Jeans

More experimental styles were seen at Federico Cina, Courrèges and Mowalola, who focused on individuality in their denim looks. French fashion house Courrèges, for example, showed a pair of dark denim trousers that can be unbuttoned from the ankles up to the inside of the thigh. This allows wearers to decide for themselves how they want to style the trousers and how much skin they want to show.

Federico Cina sent several adaptable looks down the runway. These include trousers that can be shortened or extended to different lengths with buttons, as well as a long strappy dress. The latter can also be transformed at various points by means of buttons and can thus also be made into a knee-length dress or top.

Mowalola, on the other hand, uses adjustable straps for a denim skirt reminiscent of baggy pants. The adjustments allow one to choose how low the skirt sits on the legs, exposing a part between the legs and the waist.

FW23 Collections(from left to right): Federico Cina, Courrèges and Mowalola. Credits: Launchmetrics Spotlight

Bare legs are also on show with this version of the trend. The exciting thing is that different amounts of skin are revealed on each leg. Asymmetry is the go-to for denim skirts in all lengths.

Doublet presented an asymmetrical maxi skirt with a frayed hem and a purse chain for a more "rock-n-roll" feel. Kimhekim showed a much more elegant style, transitioning from a mini skirt down the right leg to a floor-length train. Mugler toned things down a bit and sent a barely-there mini skirt down the runway for the Fall/Winter 22/23 collection, presented in January. Asymmetry was more a subtle detail in this mini skirt.

Credits (from left to right): Kimhekim FW23 via Kimhekim, Mugler FW22/23 (presented in January 23) via Launchmetrics Spotlight and Doublet FW23 via Launchmetrics Spotlight

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.de and has been translated and edited into English.