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Fur protestors storm Copenhagen Fashion Week

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

12 Aug 2021


Image: courtesy of PETA

Fur protestors painted as skeletons and dressed in “blood-spattered” fur coats stormed the Copenhagen Fashion Week show space on the event’s opening day.

Supporters of animal rights groups PETA and Dyrenes Alliance protested during Copenhagen Fashion Week with banners saying “Fur Is Dead” and “I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead in Animal Skin” to call for a permanent ban on fur on the catwalk.

“No socially conscious, fashion-forward designer wants to work with fur anymore,” said PETA director Elisa Allen in a statement. “PETA encourages Copenhagen Fashion Week to implement a fur ban that is in line with the times and to celebrate killer looks that animals weren’t killed for.”

PETA is calling for Copenhagen Fashion Week to ditch fur and to follow in the footsteps of other fashion weeks including London, Stockholm, Helsinki, Amsterdam, and Melbourne who all refuse to show fur on its catwalks.

The protest also highlighted the fur farming trade in Denmark, with the Scandinavian country being the world’s largest mink-fur producer. PETA states that a recent investigation into 26 mink farms in Denmark revealed sick, injured, and dead animals in every instance. Some minks suffered from massive, untreated bite wounds, while others were missing legs or ears from fights, which inevitably break out when these naturally solitary animals are forced to live together in crowded conditions.

Image: courtesy of PETA
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