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FW22/23: WGSN and Coloro's colours of the season

By FashionUnited


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Image: WGSN

WGSN and Coloro’s FW22/23 colours of choice blend timelessness and positivity while reflecting a close link to nature. The trend forecasting agency and universal colour system have partnered one more time to select the hues that will shape the next winter season, and they all embody a grounding feeling. From soothing green and vibrant blue to soft yellow and intense brown, FashionUnited has rounded up everything you need to know about these new and innovative shades.


Emotion appears to be a key element of the next season, with consumers still looking for a sense of normalcy and ideas that keep them grounded. This soft yellow hue provides warmth and uplifts our moods with its golden and ochre tones. While honey dates back to Ancient Egypt, its colour is revisited today and nods to our close link with nature, highlighting its necessary preservation. Honeycomb can be used on its own or paired with other tonal and brown shades, especially for accessories and activewear. It’ll particularly pop up on metallic and glossy textures.

Dark Oak

WGSN and Coloro had forecast deep brown hues to take over the FW19/20 and 21/22 collections, and it’ll remain one of the key colours for the 22/23 season. According to the agencies, it reflects the current challenging times and need for a slower fashion industry. A natural evolution of the tinted black shade of FW21/22, it’s inspired by dark antique details and the notion of longevity. Whether it’s on shoes, garments or accessories, Dark Oak will be one of the recurring shades next winter.

Lazuli Blue

Designed to reflect small luxuries, Lazuli Blue’s rich tones are inspired by precious ultramarine pigments and the mineral quality associated with them. It’s particularly appealing for the season ahead as its saturated hue nods to the inception of colour, which is a recurring inspiration in trends this season. It’ll be especially fitting for cosy fabrics as well as glass and shiny surfaces.


Jade embodies the idea of mental and physical health, an idea that’s been prevalent over the last couple of years. Imagined as a trans-seasonal colour, it has blue undertones that stand for calmness, timelessness and wisdom. While it’ll be a good choice for the fashion industry, the agencies have forecast its success in the beauty world as well thanks to its balancing nature and everlasting appeal.

Orchid Flower

Already the colour of the year 2022, Orchid Flower will easily transition from the SS22 to the FW22/23 season. It’s ideal year-round and embodies precious gifts from nature as well as small luxuries, just like Lazuli Blue. This particular shade of pink is inspired by the orchid plant and will work nicely on fuzzy materials and reflective surfaces alike. It’s fitting for the digital world too and will be a key hue of the holiday season for both the fashion and beauty industry.