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Ganni unveils three new ‘Fabrics of the Future’

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Ganni; Ganni x Stem
Danish fashion brand Ganni is introducing three new fabric innovations as part of its ‘Fabrics of the Future’ initiative to its collections to assist its ambitions of a 50 percent absolute carbon reduction by 2027.

The three new sustainable and innovative fabrics are Mylo, Stem and Circulose, which will feature in limited-edition releases aimed at supporting the start-ups to scale their fabric innovations for future launches.

Nicolaj Reffstrup, founder at Ganni, said in a statement: “Through ‘Fabrics of the Future’ we are committed to supporting start-ups in scaling their innovations. Fabric innovations will play a crucial role in making fashion more circular as well as creating lower impact materials, but for that to happen brands need to place bets and take risks.

“We refuse to accept the industry status quo and with this initiative, we have created a solid framework where research, innovation and cross industry knowledge sharing can live together.”

Image: Ganni; Ganni x Mylo

Ganni to add Mylo, Stem and Circulose fabric innovations to its collections

The first collaboration is with Bolt Threads’s mycelium-based leather alternative Mylo, created from mushrooms, which has already been showcased by Stella McCartney and Lululemon. Ganni has used the bio-based, 100 percent animal-free material to create a limited-edition wallet and one-of-a-kind saddle bags that were displayed at the brand’s public pop-up during Global Fashion Summit earlier this week from June 7-8.

Image: Ganni; Ganni x Stem

Ganni has also joined forces with Copenhagen-based start-up Stem on a three-piece circular collection using its zero-waste production process, which uses the entire fabric, eliminating all cutting and sewing waste. The limited-run collection features a jacket, a dress and a pair of trousers and is available to buy at Ganni's Bremerholm store.

Image: Ganni; Ganni x Circulose

In addition, Ganni is introducing two pairs of trousers in its pre-autumn/winter collection that are made of 100 percent viscose with 15 percent Circulose, a new natural material made by recovering worn-out cotton clothes into a dissolving pulp. The breakthrough process by Renewcell is powered by 100 percent renewable energy and transforms discarded textiles into a new material that needs no cotton fields, no oil, and no trees.

Bolt Threads