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George at Asda pledges to only use recycled polyester by 2025

By Huw Hughes

25 Mar 2019


Asda’s fashion and homeware arm, George, has announced that it will move to using only polyester that is sourced from recycled materials by 2025.

The products launching in the retailer’s upcoming SS19 range include blouses and dresses made with fabric from recycled polyester clothing, as well as cushions and throws made from recycled plastic bottles.

The retailer said the move is accompanied by other commitments to sourcing only certified sustainable viscose and sustainable cotton by 2025, as well as existing commitments to 100 percent sustainable timber and palm oil. George said it's also working on extending its work on microfibre shedding, with a full microfibre strategy to be published later this year.

Additionally, George said that to further increase transparency around its supply chain, it will begin to publish a list of its second tier apparel factories responsible for dyeing, printing and finishing its garments, on its website. The brand already has a published list of first tier factories, where its clothes are cut, sewn and trimmed.

“As the second largest clothing retailer in the country, we have a responsibility to do the right thing by our customers, not only on the price and quality of our goods, but also on the impact we have on the world around us,” senior vice president for Commercial, Nick Jones, commented in a blogpost about the new pledges.

“Our George sustainability strategy builds on the work we’ve done to date and sets stretching targets and commitments to reduce the environmental and social impact of our products; because we know that, for our customers, looking after the environment is always in fashion.”

Photo credit: George at Asda, Facebook