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Globe-Trotter introduces luggage personalisation digital experience

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Globe-Trotter Facebook

Luxury luggage brand Globe-Trotter has introduced a customisation service to its site, allowing shoppers to craft their own bespoke products from the comfort of their own homes.

Developed in partnership with 3D software technology company SmartPixels and Unity, a 3D platform developer, the new online luggage service provides options to choose the colour of every component of the product, including the case body, corners, locks and interior.

Shoppers have the choice between 30 different shades for their suitcase’s body, as well as 15 colours of leather for straps, handles and corners.

The SmartPixels implementation enables the user to see their personalised design in a photorealistic 3D configurator, giving customers full control over the 360 design process. A rotatable image allows customers to see all parts of their desired product, offering the chance to interact with the piece as they go through each stage of its conception.

Final designs will be produced in Globe-Trotter’s Hertfordshire workshop, with each product promised to be hand-delivered within two to four weeks.

Customers can now use the service within a dedicated page on Globe-Trotter’s e-store, as well as through individual products that are available for customisation.

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