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H&M launches virtual fashion collection in collaboration with Dress-X

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: H&M, Maisie Williams

Fashion retailer H&M is set to explore the virtual fashion realm, with the launch of a digital collection to release through a competition.

On January 10, in a campaign fronted by the brand’s sustainability advocate Maisie Williams, H&M will be launching the competition through its official website, where customers have the chance to win an exclusive look from the range.

The virtual fashion collection was created in a collaboration with the digital and virtual clothing platform, Dress-X.

Items included in the line are an oversized shimmering vest, an orange sparkly cable knit and a pair of glowing baggy trousers.

In keeping with the brand’s sustainability goals, the looks from the collection will only be available as a prize for the competition and will not be sold or manufactured. In the announcement’s release, it stated: “This means no waste, no packaging and no transportation.”

Entrants must come up with an innovative name for one of the looks and submit the idea to the competition’s online page. The closing date for entries is January 31.

A jury of representatives will choose three winners who will each receive a digitally tailored image of themselves in their virtual garment. Recipients will be able to share the image, complete with moving animation effects, through social media.

The retailer has previously explored the virtual fashion sphere in a collaboration with Nintendo’s Animal Crossing, where it launched an in-game activation allowing customers to visit an island dedicated to its sustainability values.

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