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H&M’s new kidswear collection transforms plastic waste into fashion

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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H&M has joined forces with Danone Aqua for its latest kidswear collection as part of its Bottle2Fashion project, which transforms plastic bottle waste from the shores of Indonesia into recycled polyester. 

Launching on January 14, the H&M kidswear collection will transform around 3.5 million PET bottles into recycled polyester, which will be blended with organic cotton and recycled cotton. The sustainable fibres are then used to create everyday kidswear pieces in fashion-forward colours and silhouettes, such as coordinating hoodies, joggers and long-sleeve tops in blush pink, bright green, yellow and vibrant blues.

Nellie Lindeborg, assortment sustainability responsible at H&M, said in a statement: “Helping to keep beaches and oceans clean, Bottle2Fashion is another exciting step forward for a more circular and collaborative approach at H&M. 

“To give a second life to disposable plastic bottles as recycled polyester is valuable in so many ways — to Indonesia’s environment, economy and social values — but also the world and our customers. And once the kids outgrow the clothes, we encourage the items be brought back to us through our garment collection initiative so they can be recycled once again.”

The collaboration with Bottle2Fashion also supports the Indonesian government’s initiative against marine pollution, while also generating local jobs by collecting PET bottles, sorting, cleaning and shredding them into flakes and then making them into recycled polyester fibres.   Commenting on the collection, Sofia Löfstedt, head of kidswear design at H&M, said: “We wanted to focus on pieces that kids could really be kids in - playful, comfy and confident - so hoodies, joggers and some long-sleeve tops. 

“Though the garments can be coordinated, we put together a wide-ranging colour palette that could be easily mixed and matched. I always love to see what kids come up with and I hope they will also learn about the bottle2fashion project along the way.”

The H&M kidswear collection, for children aged 1.5 to 14 years, will be available from January 14 online at hm.com. Prices start from 7.99 pounds.

Images: courtesy of H&M 

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