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Handbags by independent designer beat Dior and Louis Vuitton at resale

By Jackie Mallon




New York based designer Brandon Blackwood launched his business in 2015 but rose to prominence in 2020 when he created a mini-tote with the words End Systemic Racism in support of Black Lives Matter. He donated a portion of the proceeds to fund legal representation for minorities and at the same time became one of the most desirable brands. His designs have been seen on Zoe Kravitz and Kim Kardashian, and according to a recent study by money.co.uk his purses are making a tidy profit just sitting in your closet. They currently resell for a 100.4 percent premium, that’s twice the amount of your original investment.

Indie brands beat luxury at resale

The UK-based price comparison website looked at 44 fashion brands, 4 product categories and 13 colors to reveal which designer must-haves could give you the biggest returns in years to come. Another success story of the pandemic and second most valuable purse at resale comes from the genderless brand Telfar, whose designer Telfar Clemens was was named GQ designer of the year, recognized by PETA for his support of animal welfare and whose vegan leather tote was chosen by Oprah as one of her favorite things. His bags earn a 87.6 percent return on investment.

Dior is the first traditional luxury brand on the list, coming in third, and could give a 38.1 percent profit on purchase price. The house recently relaunched the Saddle bag created by John Galliano in the early aughts while the Dior Book Tote available in an array of jacquards and embroidery versions has been a hot item since its 2018 launch. Balenciaga, Burberry and Gucci are at the bottom of the list, their handbags potentially losing money.

Green handbags have highest resell value

The color associated with money, it’s perhaps no surprise that statement green handbags deliver a 65.7 percent return, potentially being more profitable than any other color. Red bags come in a close second with a potential return of 49.8 percent, while silver completes the top three with 42.9 percent.  For traditionalists, black is the fifth most popular color at resale. On the other hand, yellow handbags could actually lose you money, selling on average for 3 percent less than their original price.