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Hatton Labs collaborates with Sailor Jerry rum

By Danielle Wightman-Stone



Spiced rum Sailor Jerry has launched a jewellery collaboration with East London design duo Hatton Labs, which aims to unite fashion and tattoo fans.

The unisex capsule jewellery collection designs are in honour of Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins, each inspired by his infamous ‘Flash Art’ style of tattooing made famous from the 1940s-1970s.

The collection features pendants, rings and earrings feature five of Sailor Jerry flash icons cast, including two pin-up girls, his pet monkey ‘Romeo’, an enlarged shark and a Hula Girl, the emblem of Sailor Jerry recognised worldwide.

The unisex pieces have been crafted in precious metals and set with opulent coloured gemstones. Sharp 18k Rose Gold pieces are starkly contrasted with gentle Blue Topaz, while warm 18k Gold pieces are set with vibrant, juicy Watermelon Tourmalines, a gemstone newly added to the Hatton Labs portfolio for the collection.

Each flash icon in the jewellery collection has been selected by Hatton Labs from hundreds of Sailor Jerry archive iconography images and photographs to encapsulate classic Americana culture whilst also nodding to the underground, modern-day subcultures that are prevalent today.

Commenting on the collaboration, Hatton Labs said in a statement: “It’s a big honour to be able to work with the artwork of someone as pioneering as Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins. The opportunity to bring some of his illustrations to life from 2D to 3D, being able to translate this imagery into precious metals and stones for the first time, it is like we’re creating a trophy and souvenir to Norman’s narrative and history.”

The Sailor Jerry x Hatton Labs collection will be available worldwide directly from www.sailorjerryxhattonlabs.com. Prices range between 185 to 215 pounds, with two one-of-a-kind pieces with diamonds and emeralds priced at 2,500 pounds and 7,500 pounds respectively.

Images: courtesy of Sailor Jerry x Hatton Labs

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